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All started from a passion to create a delicious food that can be enjoy everyday without worrying of our health.

Grandma symbolize Traditional, Homemade, and Family and that’s exactly what we’re deliver to our customer.

We have a vision to deliver to every family a delicious food and also healthy for the family members, because when family gathers for a tasty and healthy food…

it’s called HAPPINESS

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Tasty and Healthy Food

Our Uniqueness


  • Homemade Products:
    Most of our products are homemade products so it can produce a unique texture and to make you feel like you’re at home
  • High Quality Ingredients & Traditional Process:
    Grandma made every products using a high quality ingredients and hours of process to bring the ultimate delicacy for you
  • Fresh from Grandma:
    We have commitment to provide your family a fresh product. No preservatives and No artificial flavor